Principal Message


I have immense pleasure and privilege to reflect on the educational goals and vision set out for this great institution from the desk of principal of ‘Shree Venkateshwara Arts and Science (Co-Education) College a baby just born to prosper and flourish to a great level.

Education is a man making process with an enrichment of ideas and concepts revolving around reformation of human thoughts and deeds in every aspect of life by virtue of learning. The same is also echoed in the words of our former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr.C. N. Annadurai through his words that “every educational institution is opened only to shut the doors of prison down, permanently”. It reiterates very clearly that education is the panacea for all social evils.

Better trained minds through education contribute substantially higher rates to the well being and orderly progress of the society. The reach and depth of knowledge treasure in information technology can be tapped into, towards achieving this goal. Student community of today’s world is well poised to get the maximum out of it, by developing all sorts of skills including soft skills. Wisdom gained through the process of acquiring knowledge leads to will power to make inner transformations in order to effect societal transformations.

This spirit is captured quite aptly by Swami Vivekananda in his words ‘ Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men’. Taking cue out of it, the innate talents of students are shaped and brought out through interactions in classrooms with teachers, peers to realize the full potential of higher education. Hence, let us all join hands to build a intellectual society by pooling together all our material and intellectual resources at this great institution in order to build a vibrant, healthy and happiest lives.

I wish you all a happy learning experience on the campus and wonderful camaraderie in the spirit of universal brotherhood and mutual academic benefit and progress.